Monday, August 26, 2013

8 Essential Internet Security Tips to Stay Safe

Internet is our daily medium to communicate with each other. It has become the medium of business, communication, marketing, sharing and much more. But there are some dangers of using Internet. We need to be very careful while using Internet. We have to follow some security tips to stay protected.

1. Don’t step into a trap. “ Earn $500 per day sitting at home  ” this type of words sound good. Through this type of jobs scammers use you in money laundering. Be careful.

2. Passwords protect you seriously. Use a strong password. Mix alphabets, numbers and signs to create a strong password.

3. Everyday we get lot of mails. Most of them are junk mails. No need to open a mail if it is not from a known source. Throw it away.

4. We all use facebook, twitters and other social sharing sites. Sometimes different attractive links are shared. Remember there is a trap. Be aware of these types of links.

5. Sometimes ant viruses restrict us to visit some websites. Don’t ignore the warning. Stay far.

6. You have downloaded a file but afraid of virus. Try This site will run the file through virus scanning engines and keep you safe.

7. Never follow URLs sent to you through email, sharing on social sites. Write down the address by yourself and stay safe.

8. Never reply to any automatic email. And never write your user name and password to any person, organizations or anybody who wants.

Tips are just your guideline to stay safe. Use your sense of humor to protect dan

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