Saturday, August 17, 2013

How to propose to your girlfriend?

Love is heavenly. Everywhere there is love. Every body is in love with something. A boy falls in love with a girl naturally. But he can’t succeed in love because of some lacks. As he can’t propose her beloved girl, he fails most of the time. Follow these tips to propose your girlfriend.

1. Be sure about the girl: She is the person whom you are choosing to spend half of your life. So, be sure that you love this girl and want her.

2. Select the time: Choose the time when to propose. The perfect day can be her birthday or the first anniversary of relation. The day must be a special one. The moonlight night or a sunset time can be perfect.

3. Choose a perfect place: The place and the atmosphere have an important role. Take her to her favorite place. This place can be sea-beaches, gardens, parks or wherever she feels comfortable. Then expose what is in your mind.

4. How will you Propose: If everything is fixed like place, time think about how will you propose her. The best way to propose I think is to bend down yourself on one knee and grab her hand. Then ask her that will she marry you or not. If she says “Yes” put a ring on her fingure and end the proposal with a kiss or hug.

Just control your nerves and anxiety to avoid problems. Otherwise everything will go fine. Best wishes for you. Love is forever.

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